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Indian Petals

Designer Wooden 60mm Pair MDF Traditional Jali Motif For Craft Or Decor, 5 Pair

Designer Wooden 60mm Pair MDF Traditional Jali Motif For Craft Or Decor, 5 Pair

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Unleash the charm of traditional art with the Designer Wooden 60mm Pair MDF Traditional Jali Motif, a versatile addition to your craft or decor projects. Available in two distinct styles, these motifs are meticulously carved from high-quality MDF, ensuring durability and a smooth finish. The intricate jali work, a testament to skilled craftsmanship, adds an authentic touch of Indian culture to your space.

Choose from an elegant palette of colours - Black, Brown, Green, Maroon, Purple, and Sea Green - to complement your design scheme. Whether you’re accenting furniture, creating standout wall art, or adding a decorative touch to your DIY projects, these motifs offer both aesthetic beauty and creative inspiration.

Each pack contains a pair of 60mm motifs, perfect for symmetrical designs or as standalone pieces. The traditional jali pattern, known for its geometric precision and artistic value, makes these motifs a must-have for anyone looking to infuse their work with a sense of heritage and sophistication. Ideal for both contemporary and classic styles, the Designer Wooden Jali Motifs are not just decorations; they’re a celebration of artistry and tradition. Bring them into your home or workspace and watch as they transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

Key Features -

  • Shape 1 - 60mm 40mm  | 5 Pair - 10Pcs
  • Shape 2 - 60mm 45mm  | 5 Pair - 10Pcs
  • Versatile Traditional Jali Motifs: Elevate your craft or decor projects with our Indian Petals Designer Wooden MDF Jali Motifs, available in two distinct styles with a height of 60mm. Style 1 features a length of 40mm, while Style 2 extends to 45mm, offering creative flexibility.

  • Array of Rich Colors: Choose from an exquisite palette of colours including Black, Brown, Green, Maroon, Purple, and Sea Green to match your design aesthetic. These vibrant hues are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Crafted for Elegance and Durability: Each pair of Jali Motifs is meticulously crafted from high-quality MDF, ensuring a durable and long-lasting addition to your home or project.

  • Traditional Design with a Modern Twist: The timeless Jali design is reimagined to suit contemporary tastes, making these motifs an ideal choice for modern homes seeking a traditional touch.

  • Perfect for a Variety of Uses: Whether adorning furniture, creating wall art, or adding a decorative element to doors and windows, these Jali Motifs are versatile enough to enhance any project with their intricate patterns and stylish colours.

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