Collection: Belts for Women

When it comes to women, outfits don’t seem to feel complete without belts. Such is the value of belts for women. Be it formal or fancy waist belts, they add a bit of style to a women’s overall waist belt fashion ensemble. The history of the belt is a colourful one. From as early as the Bronze Age, belts were a staple but majorly for men. Back then, they were fashioned out of fabrics like cord, leather and cloth sashes. Gradually, the concepts of belts was embraced by women. The fad of belts for women especially took off in the post-war years when celebrities began to flaunt them more often.

Today, belts for women are an integral part of a women’s style statement and are available in a wide variety of shades and types. Read more about them here.


From skinny belts to broad waist belts, big buckles to patterned cuts, the range of belts for women online have a little bit for everyone. Here are the best belts for women to have handy in your wardrobe.

  1. DRESS UP WITH A FORMAL BELT – These are the most commonly used belts by the working women of today and often sport a gloss finish that makes the wearer look smart and sleek. These formal belts will usually consist of frame-style belt buckles along with a strap that will go through the pants hoops. Pick shades of brown for blue suits or stick to black shiny belts for grey, black or darker suits.
  2. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH A CASUAL BELT – If you're an adventurous and stylish soul, these kinds of belts for women are bound to be your preferred choice. These casual and cool waist belts are usually more colourful, wider and come in a range of materials, cuts, patterns and buckles. So, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns to get your desired effect.